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Arête Coffee Bar

Sustainability is an important focus for us and a unique challenge for coffee shops. We believe you can only improve what you measure, so we plan to share the data each month - and set goals to keep improving! We invite you to join us on our journey to reduce single-use cups. And as an extra incentive, join our loyalty program and earn some rewards along the way!


- Join the loyalty program
- Use a reusable cup
- Earn a "summit"
- Redeem for rewards, from free coffee to swag and raffle prizes!
- Bring your own cup? Get $.25 off!

Forget your cup? Stay tuned for our reusable takeaway cup program!
How are we doing with avoiding single-use cups??

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Reusable Cup Usage

All of 2022: 8,203
January - August 2023: 10,128
September 2023: 1,340
October 2023: CAN WE BEAT LAST MONTH?!

In total, you all avoided using 19,671 disposable cups by enjoying your coffee in a reusable mug (and even saved yourself some $ by bringing your own cup!!)
Lined up, all those paper cups would have reached the summit of Little Si almost 5 times.
This is roughly equivalent to saving...
4,721 pounds of CO2 emissions
17,704 square feet of habitat
393 pounds of trash from the landfill